SLAB Thickness Gauge, Silicon Wafer, Timber, Building Material Board, Non-woven Fabric, The  other Sheet natural endowment Thickness Gauge.
 We provide high precision, high stability of thickness gauge, sensor and real time management   program.



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Laser Thickness Measurement System S/W Program Example.







 It measures from sensor to measurement object of the upper part distance by using a laser sensor 1.  And, by using laser sensor 2, WT-LST1000 works from sensor to measurement object of the lower part  distance. After gauging sensor distance(D), T is the measurement object thickness, D-(A+B).

Measurement Thickness T = D-(A+B)


 Meansurement Method : Laser Displacement Measurement

 Sensor Resolution : 1um (High Accuracy)

 Sensor Accuracy : ±0.05% of F.S(F.S. =±100mm)

 data Transfer : RS-232/422 Protocol

 Terms of system delivery : within 3month after order.


Non-Contact Thickness Measurement System Aplication Instance

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