Thickness of film, paper, coating, metal and other materials can be measured by non-contact method. Also, by designing device that can be most suitable for your quality control and production environment, you can enhance productivity.

1.Easy-to-use 2.High precision
3.High-speed measurement 4.High reliability
5.Low maintenance cost 6.Convenient and safe

1. Polyester (PET) Film, Polyethylene Film, Polypropylene Film

2. Polystyrene Film, Vinyl Film, All other Polymer Films
3. Paper, Paint, Rubber, Ceramic, Foam, Adhesives
4. Hot Melt Films & Adhesives, Fabric, Thin Foils

1.Electric field is formed between sensor and ground plate.

2.If dielectric material is located between the plates, interruption of electric field would be occurred by it, and it varies capacitance by dielectric constant, unique feature of the dielectric material.

3.The change of this capacitance will induce voltage change. The voltage change will be displayed in LCD, varied to thickness or mass unit of dielectric material.