By Labview Program, ease to use system.

Using made our own ultra sonic Purse/Receiver and DAQ, the device not only potable

   but also reasonable to manufacture.

By using a scanner of detail structure the realization of high resolution.

Tailed made ultrasonic system to the test object.

Various size products test by covering with a wide range of frequency.

Monitoring connect with RF at any where.




A/B/C-SCAN Summary







C-SCAN Control S/W


Specification: Automated Ultrasonic Flaw Imaging System  

 1. Scanning Range: 900mm*900mm*800mm (W * L * H)

 2. Pulser/Receiver : PRC-035  (35Mhz Band Width)

 3. Analog to Digital Converter : Gage Scope 1250 (12Bit Resolution, 50 Mega Samples/sec)

 4. Motion controller : 5 Axis

 5. Motors: Step Motor (Sanyo Denki , 5 Phase)

 6. Application : Ultrasonic flaw detection of composite material

                      C-Scan imaging of metal parts

 7. Transducers: Immersion, Focus length: 60mm

                       Frequency: 1Mhz, 2.25Mhz, 5Mhz

                       Diameter: 0.5 inch

                       Type: Broaband, Power, General

 8. Features:  Automatic Swivel Control(The facility which the hold does Probe angle at the measurement sample to                the vertical.)

               Automatic Water Path Control (Probe-Test Sample water between distance hold to the automatic.)

               Display option: RGB, Gray Scale, Threshold

               R-Y, X-Y, Y-H scan (Cone, Plate, Round, Pipe Apply at all Inspection sample of a form.)


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