A2002S Ultrameter is controlled by high-tech microprocessor. 3 1/2-line LCD displays maximum and minimum values, average value, standard deviation, number of measurement, battery status, memory capacity, date, as well as measurement value.
It controls all functions including calibration and operation with its keyboard, and also stores generally 480 measurement values; optionally 16,000, due to its memory, leaving the data by transferring them to computer or printing out. With its statistics feature, maximum and minimum values, average value, standard deviation, number of measurement can be retrieved, and editing function can store or print them as what you want. In particular, the device can reset its original configuration by your one-touch manipulation. It has a function to be corrected by base condition if the base is special. Also, its precision and linearity are outstanding because it calibrates 3-point, and the calibration is well preserved due to the stable circuit.

1. Excellent precision by 3-point calibration.
2. 480 or 16,000 measurement memory.
3. Data collected are transferred to computer or printed out by mini-printer.
4. Data statistics display (max.&min. value, average, number of measurement, and remaining memory status).
5. Rechargeable battery and status.
6. Reset to standard configuration with one-touch manipulation.
7. Automatic power cut after about 3 minutes of stoppage.
8. mm/inch conversion.
9. Measuring range: 0-1, 999レm.
10. Resolution Power: 1レm.

A2002S: Magnetic Induction (0-1, 999レm) B2002S: Vortex Induction (0-1, 999レm)
A4002S: Magnetic Induction (0-3, 999レm) B4002S: Vortex Induction (0-3, 999レm)
A802S: A802S: Magnetic Induction (3.0-19.9mm)
       B802S: Vortex Induction (3.0-19.9mm)

As A-series is magnetic induction
it measures thickness of non-magnetic coating or plating on magnetic substance.
e.g. paint on steel, plastic, rubber, enamel, phosphorus, zinc, tin, copper, chromium, powder, paper

As B-series is vortex induction
it measures thickness of non-magnetic coating on conductor.
e.g. aluminum, copper, zinc, paint on conductor; brass, silver and gold, enamel, ceramic, paper, non-conductor coat such as anodizing.