• CT Series’ probes have an extremely low mass
(about 3 grams).
→ there is far less wear and tear on the probe measuring
→ there is far less chance of damage to sensitive coatings
• Contact pressure of the probe remains almost constant whether measurements are taken from above to down, from the side, or above a user’s head.

→ It is possible to take precise measurements on ductile coatings.
•The operation of the CT series is as easy as the one of a mobile phone.
• With protection class IP52, gauges are safe from dust and dripping water.
• FN version automatically recognizes the status of substrate (whether it is ferrous or non-ferrous) and measures correctly due to its dual-functioning sensors.
• No calibration necessary unless required
• Three language option: English, French, German (Other languages on request)

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• CT-F, N, FN
- Equipped with an ergonomically designed cabled probe,
it is very convenient and useful to take measurements on small parts and in hard-to-get-at places.

- Clearly smaller and have no cable. Can be asily carried in the breast pocket of a shirt or in the jacket pocket.

Magnetic Induction Method

Method of measuring all non-ferrous coatings such as varnish, paint, enamel, chrome, copper, zinc, etc on steel and iron

Eddy-Current Method

Method of measuring all electrically insulating coatings, such as varnish, paint, anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals and also on stainless steel


- In the automobile and automobile parts industry
- In paint shops and for electroplaters
- For wet and powder coating operations
- For incoming material inspection during production and for final inspection procedures
- In development engineering and for expert assessment
- In laboratory and field operations


CT-FN or CT-F or CT-N

With External Probe (standard version or basic version)


With Integrated Probe (standard version or basic version)

CT-FN or CT-F or CT-N Basic

Basic Versions without Interface, Statistics, and Data Memory (external probe)

CT-PFN or CT-PF or CT-PN Basic

Basic Versions without Interface, Statistics, and Data Memory (integrated probe)

Measuring Principle

Magnetic Induction Principle (F version)
Eddy-Current Principle (N version)

Measuring Range

0 ~ 1,500μm (0 ~ 60mils)


±[1μm + 1%] of reading (±[0.04mils+ 1%] of reading)


0.1μm (0.004mils) or <2‰ of reading


Back-Light (NB), 4-Digit Alphanumeric, Digit Height for CT model: 10mm, for CT-P model: 8mm

Minimum Measuring Area

5mm x 5mm (0.2” x 0.2”)

Minimum Radius of Curvature

CT model: Convex: 3mm (0.12”), Concave: 5mm (0.2”)
CT-P model: Convex: 3mm (0.12”), Concave: 30mm (1.2”)

Minimum Substrate Thickness

Type F: 0.5mm (20mils)
Type N: 50μm (2mils)


Factory Calibration, Zero Calibration, Foil Calibration (NB), Offset-Function (addition or subtraction of a constant value) (NB)

Statistics Program

Number of Readings, Mean Value, Standard Deviation, Maximum and Minimum Reading of Max. 10,000 readings (NB)


Max. 80 readings, Individual Reading Review, including Statistical Values (NB)

Set Limits

Adjustable Selectable with Accessories Alarm System (NB)


Infrared IrDA Standard (NB)

Power Supply

2 x 1.5V mignon Alkaline Batteries (AA) (CT model)
2 x 1.5V micro Batteries (AAA) (CT-P model)

Test Sample Temperature

Max. 150℃ (302℉) for Short Period

Ambient Temperature

0 ~ 50℃ (32 ~ 122℉)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

140mm x 62mm x 30mm (5.6” x 2.5” x 1.2”) (CT model)
99mm x 48mm x 24mm (3.9” x 1.9” x 0.9”) (CT-P model)


200g (7oz) (CT model) Including Batteries
85g (3oz) (CT-P model) Including Batteries

Protection Class

IP 52 (Proof against Dust and Dripping Water)



Base Instrument Package

Gauge with Probe, 2 Calibration Standards, 2 Batteries, Soft Carrying Pouch, Operating Manual, Zero Plate(s)
Warranty A Full One-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

* NB: Not Available for Basic

 • CT-IRA-A Infrared Adapter for Standard PC and Printer (RS232)
 • CT-CS-N Calibration Standards in Various Thicknesses