1. Precisely measures the plating thickness of single layer and multi layers
2. Can measure circular surface besides flat one
3. Can measure thick plating layer more than 35レm which is difficult to measure with
   nondestructive testing
4. Can store, edit, and analyze the data connecting with a PC
5. Recalls the measurement condition; there is no need to always set the plating/substrate
   condition whenever measurement is taken
6. Developed with user-convenience in mind

WT-CTE 700 anodically etches the plating layer on the metal by penetrating the test solution (reagent) which reacts to a certain metal into the plating on the substrate.

A current goes through the reagent, the test solution, and the WT-CTE 700 constantly senses the differences of electric potential between plating and substrate.

As the plating begins to be anodically deplated and the test solution reaches to the substrate, the difference of electric potential starts happening.

When the plating layer is completely deplated, the difference of electric potential becomes maximum amount. At this moment, the WT-CTE 700 stops sensing the electric potential difference, and it converts and calculates the difference into measurement unit of plating thickness.

As shown in the above picture, the cell fills with the reagent. An agitator stirs the test solution to prevent the particle of electrolyzed plating from precipitating and to help the WT-CTE 700 detect the difference of electric potential more accurately.
To prevent the thickness value of the plating from being affected by the difference of a current, constant current device generating direct current is equipped with electric potential of electrolysis detector. The detector catches the point at which the difference of electric potential becomes the maximum. It happens when the test solution completely penetrates through the plating and reaches the substrate below the plating. The thickness value of the plating in which the difference of electric potential becomes the maximum is transmitted to the control center of the equipment.

Measurement Range


Measurement Unit

Minimum Measurement Area 2.0フ
Dissolution Speed 0.5レm
Constant Current 2 kinds of modes; 10mA, 20mA
Measurement Display thickness value, automatic calculation of decimal point, plating name/substrate name, test solution, rate of electrolysis (current), measurement sensitivity, rate of agitation, measurement unit
Agitation Method Air Agitation
Gasket Type A
Display Type LCD, Monitor screen of PC
Average, Maximum Thickness Value, Standard Deviation, Graph
Data Logger and Output
Setting of Multi Plating Layers Manual
Indication of Test Solution Manual
Power AC 230V 10%, 50 / 60 Hz, 20W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 250 x 300 x 300 (mm)
Consists Of Coulometric Plating Thickness Tester WT-CTE 700, Stand, Test Solution (ES-01, ES-02), Gasket, Cell, Standard Reference (Ni/ Cu Base, Zn/ Fe Base), Optional Accessories.