The ultrasonic Pulse/Echo principle uses the round-trip travel time of a sound wave through the part wall to measure thickness.
Sampling, cutting coupons, disassembly, or destroying your part are no longer necessary.
And you can measure thickness anywhere on your part with access to only one side.


• Using a single element delay tip transducer, the unit is capable of reading thin metals down to 0.006 inches (0.15 millimeters) without removing the paint in Echo-to-Echo Mode

• The WT-700 series automatically switch the measurement mode between Echo-to-Echo Mode and Interface-Echo Mode when they are in Auto Mode.

• The units are loaded with the features usefully used in the operating fields, such as Alarm Mode, Data Output, and Internal Data-Logging. They are simple and easy to operate.               


Data Output:RS-232 output sends data to a serial printer, a computer or other external storage device.

Internal Data Logger : Automatic Data Logging system with 12,000 reading capacity

Scan Mode: The unit will display the thinnest reading it found at a rate of 8 readings per second.

• Being packaged in an all aluminum sealed case, the WT-700 series are resistant to the harsh working environment.

• The unit retains all of its settings even when the power is off due to its special memory function.

Alarm Mode : If the measurement falls below your minimum specified value or is over your maximum specified value, the red LED will illuminate and the beeper will sound. The green LED will illuminate to indicate an acceptable thickness measurement.

Fast scan Mode : Takes 32 readings per second and displays the minimum reading  found when the transducer is removed. Display continuously updates while scanning.

Multiple Measurement Modes: Selectable modes for use with a variety of application.


1. WT-740 Thickness Gauge
2. WT-SSD1575 15MHz 1/4 inch Delay tip
3. WT-A01-N Aluminum Case
4. WT-C35-N Couplant (120ml)
5. Operating Manual(English)

WT-740 Specifications

Operating Modes

Pulse-Echo (Precision General purpose).

Interface-Echo (Precision - Thick materials).

Echo-Echo (Precision - Thin materials & thru-paint).


sSingle Element (1 to 25 MHz).
Locking quick disconnect “ 00” LEMO connector.
Standard 4 foot cable.
Custom transducer and cable lengths available.

Measurement Modes

A-Scan Rectified +/- (half wave view) RF (full waveform view)

B-Scan Time based cross section view. Display speed of 15 secs per screen.

Large Digits Standard thickness
view. Digit Height: 0.400 in (10mm).

Scan Bar 6 readings per second. Viewable in B-Scan and Large Digit views.

Repeatability Bar Graph Bar graph
indicates stability of reading.

Multiple Measurement Modes:
Selectable modes for use with a variety of applications.

Alarm Mode:
Set hi and lo tolerances with
audible beeper and visual LEDs.

Fast-Scan Mode:
Takes 32 readings per second and
displays the minimum reading found when the transducer is removed. Display continuously updates while scanning.      

Measuring Range

Interface-Echo Mode: Steel 0.05 1.0 in (1.27mm - 35.5mm). Plastics from .005in. (127mm).

Echo-Echo Mode: Steel .006in -.500in (.15mm - 12.7mm).

Pulse-Echo Contact: Steel .040in - 10.0in (1mm - 254mm). Plastics from .010in (.254mm).

Echo-Echo Contact: Steel thru-paint .100in - 3.0in (2.54mm - 76.2mm).


(selectable) +/- .001in (0.01 mm), or +/- .0001in - (.001mm).

Velocity Range

.0492 to .3936 in./ms 1250 to 9999 meters/sec

Display Type

Multi-function 4.5 Digit LCD with 0.500 inch numerals, Backlight is selectable on/off/auto (illuminates only when taking a measurement), Measurements displayed in inches, inches/microsecond, millimeter, and meters/second, Bar graph indicates stability of reading


Three 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V NiCad AA cells.

Typically operates for 150 hours on
alkaline and 100 hours on NiCad
(charger not included.)

Battery status meter.

Auto Shut-Off

Auto power off if idle 5 min.

Operating Temperature Range

+15℉ ~ +125℉(-10℃ ~ +50℃)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

64mm x 165mm x 32mm


13.5 ounces (with batteries ) : 380g.


A full one-year warranty on parts and labor