1. WT-610 Thickness Gauge
2. WT-DS0510 5MHz 10mm Transducer (Right Angle)
3. WT-A01-N Aluminum Carrier
4. WT-C04-N Couplant (4 Oz. bottle)
5. Operating Manual
6. Battery Charger
Certification of Calibration

10. WT-DS2516: 2.25MHz, 16mm (0.63) Transducer (Right Angle)
11. WT-DS0510: 5MHz, 10mm (0.394) Transducer (Right Angle)
12. WT-DS0505: 5 MHz, 5mm (0.197) Transducer (Right Angle)
13. WT-DT0505: 5 MHz, 5mm (0.197) Transducer (Straight)
14. WT-HDS0510S: 5 MHz, 10mm (0.394) Transducer (High-Temperature)
15. WT-TB05-N: 5Step Test Block (Steel)

 Click to Download :   WT-600 Series Probe Zero & Calibration



Operating Principle

Ultrasonic Pulse/Echo

Measuring Mode

Normal and Average Mode

Measuring Range

0.025 to19.99 inches (0.63 to 500mm) in mild steel

Measuring Resolution

0.001inch (0.01mm)

Material Velocity Range

20,000 to 590,000 inch/s (500 ~ 15,000 m/s)

Display Type

5 digit, Graphic LCD Backlight is selectable on/off/auto (illuminates only when taking a measurement) Measurement displayed in inch and mm

Display Language

English, Korean & Others Country (Optional)

Power Supply

1 ea, 3.6V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Battery Life(operating Time

Over 20 hours at 25% duty cycle

Auto Shut-Off

After 2 minutes of non-use

Data Logger Memory


Number of Data Group


Data Output Port


Operating Temperature Range

+15 ~ +125(-10 ~ +50)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

3.70" x 2.48" x 1.3" (94mm x 63mm x 33mm)


6.7 oz(0.19 kg) including battery


A full one-year warranty on parts and labor